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Lactate Scout - More Infomation

It's in your hand: Intelligent training with the 'Lactate Scout' by SensLab

FirstLevel.jpgSports and health are coming together ? to get the desired success in training, like burning fat, building muscle and optimising condition, every sportsman needs ?intelligent? training. Today, some people use pulse meters and other electronic aids for fitness training but most make do with jogging or working out in health centres. This often produces heavy sweating, red faces and ?burned-out? people. This way of training, ?to give all?, may be well intentioned, but it doesn?t do a lot of good: In fact it can be a real hazard, especially for the serious sportsman!

Professional trainers and athletes create training plans tailored to actual and individual fitness. Pulse rate may be useful but you really need to look at the blood, and in particular at the lactate level in the blood: Measuring lactate levels during training is a very precise method to determine capability and endurance. Lactate is produced when energy is expended - the more strenuous the exercise the higher the lactate level. The body is able to dissipate lactate naturally but a build up of too much lactate leads to acute pain, muscle cramp, poor performance and ultimately damage to ones health. The best training takes place when lactate production is in balance with the bodies natural ability to eliminate it. This lactate ?steady state? is usually taken to be around 4 mmol/l and is what an athlete in training is aiming for.

lactatescout2.jpgFor a long time, the measuring of lactate wasn?t possible without big expensive laboratory equipment. With the new ?Lactate Scout?, invented by the Biotech-company SensLab, a small pocket device for use by everybody everywhere is now available. This handy lactate-meter uses plug-in test strips which take an incredibly small droplet of blood (0,5 ?l). Pricking the finger or ear lobe with a painless lancing device, the sensor sucks up the droplet by capillary action and gives the result in just 15 seconds: No other device works so fast, and with such high accuracy. The large display, easy to use scroll wheel, memory for 250 measurements, optional measuring modes for steptests, helpful timer-functions and a PC-link for direct use with different software solutions makes this a truly unique piece of hand held technology.

lactatescout3.jpgThe Lactate Scout also notes temperature, date, time and mode of measuring. Supported by the latest versions of analysing software, everybody can create their own optimised training program on a PC. The Lactate Scout is in use in fitness centres and with sports teams as well as individual athletes. Its ease of use, attractive design and very reasonable price makes this a ?must? for the ambitious sports man or woman. Lactate Scout and the test strips may be purchased separately or as a complete pack consisting of the measuring device, 6 test strips, belt-case, lancing set, medical wipes and batteries.

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