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Welcome to the Vitech Scientific Sport Performance site

For some time we have been supplying the Advanced Micro Osmometer to individual Sporting Bodies and Departments of Sports Science in Universities and Colleges throughout the UK.

Measuring Osmolality of Urine Samples, particularly early morning urine samples, is now regarded as the best way of giving an early warning of de-hydration in performance Athletes. For more info click here.

Although a Freezing Point Osmometer is the only guaranteed way to get a true reading of Osmolality we are now able to offer a simple hand-held Refractometer, known as Osmocheck, and calibrated in mOsmols/kgH2O, which does approximately the same job. For quick use on the field or at the training camp Osmocheck make an ideal compliment for your Micro Osmometer, For more info click here.

A further vital aid to performance monitoring is to measure Lactate during training. This can easily and quickly be done using Lactate Scout, a new hand held device giving results from a tiny drop of blood in just 15 seconds. For more info click here.